Circle C Stepping Stones Single Titles


Chapter books for readers ages 7-10. Buy single Circle C Stepping Stones titles here. See book descriptions and read sample chapters below. Also available as a 6-book discounted set. 112 pp. Grade Level 3.9.

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Sample Chapters: Click the titles to read excerpts.

1- Andi Saddles Up. When Andi meets a new girl on the ranch, they become instant friends. But their friendship is put to the test when the girls learn their families are caught up in a boundary disagreement between the two ranches.

2-Andi under the Big Top. Andi’s thrill of going to the circus is turned upside down when she meets a little circus boy and learns that living and working with the circus is nothing like what Andi imagined it is.

3-Andi Lassos Trouble. What could be more fun than a rodeo? Andi sets about practicing her lassoing skills to convince big brother Chad that she should compete in the upcoming Circle C rodeo. Things go from bad to worse when unexpected guests throw the rodeo into an uproar.

4-Andi to the Rescue. Outlaws and a case of mistaken identity thrust Andi and her mother (the substitute teacher) into a dangerous adventure when the outlaw boss wants the schoolteacher to teach him to read. Can Andi escape from a remote cabin in the hills and bring back help?

5-Andi Dreams of Gold. When news of a gold strike spreads through town, Andi is sure there’s gold in the creek by her special spot. But she and her friend Cory get more than they bargain for when they set out to pan for the glittery metal.

6-Andi Far from Home. An unexpected outbreak of scarlet fever prompts Mother into sending Andi to Aunt Rebecca in San Francisco for safekeeping. The noisy city and Aunt Rebecca’s bossy ways are nothing compared to another danger lurking in San Francisco.

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1-Andi Saddles Up, 2-Andi under the Big Top, 3-Andi Lassos Trouble, 4-Andi to the Rescue, 5-Andi Dreams of Gold, 6-Andi Far from Home