Circle C Milestones 6-book set


Andrea Carter is back in a new series for readers ages 11 and up. Set includes six novels. One book free! See full description and sample chapters below. Books 1-4 (175pp.) Books 5-6 (270pp.)


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Sample Chapters: Click the titles to read sample chapters.

1. Thick as Thieves. When outlaws turn from rustling Circle C cattle to stealing horses, Andi forges an unlikely bond with an unpleasant classmate because she believes Macy may hold the key to recovering Taffy’s missing foals.

2. Heartbreak Trail. A real cattle drive is a far cry from what Andi envisions when she receives permission to accompany her brothers on the trail. Can she survive hard work, lack of sleep, danger, and an obnoxious cowhand trying to win her attention?

3. The Last Ride. City cousin Daniel Carter is sent west to the Circle C ranch in hopes that hard work will change his delinquent behavior. Instead, the young man endangers both Andi’s life and the life of her mare, Taffy. Is forgiveness even possible?

4. Courageous Love. A series of unexplained attacks against the Circle C ranch forces Andi and her family into the realization that escaped prisoners have revenge on their minds and intend to make the Carter family pay for past wrongs.

5. Yosemite at Last: And Other Tales from Memory Creek Ranch. (15 stories) opens the same afternoon that book 4, Courageous Love, ends. Andi and Riley are starting their lives together on Memory Creek ranch, not too far from the Circle C. From their honeymoon in Yosemite–and finding themselves lost in the Sierra wilderness–to the far corners of their new home, the couple’s first year of marriage is full of excitement. They battle storms, explore the high country, and confront a mountain lion, all before tackling the biggest adventure they’ve ever faced.

6. Stranger in the Glade: And More Tales from Memory Creek Ranch. (14 stories) takes up a little over a year later with Andi, Riley and baby Jared making three! Welcoming their first child is this young couple’s biggest adventure yet, but a baby doesn’t slow Andi down at all. When Andi receives a letter from an old friend, she, Riley, and little Jared ride into town to unravel the mystery and face an unexpected surprise. And that’s just the beginning of the first three years of Jared’s life on Memory Creek ranch. From pony problems to life-threatening injuries to a stranger’s intrusion into their lives, this young family is anything but boring.