Circle C Christmas Collection Audio Book


Brand new! Enjoy six short stories of Andi Carter’s Christmases. Five hours! Instant MP3 download includes

  • Andi’s Christmas Good-bye (1876)
  • Andi’s Christmas Blizzard (1877)
  • Andi’s Interrupted Christmas (1878)
  • Andi’s Christmas Ball (1879)
  • Andi’s Icy Christmas (1880)
  • Andi’s New Year’s Gala (1882)

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  • Andi’s Christmas Good-bye (1876) When Andi learns that her best friend, Riley, is leaving the ranch, she sets out to give him a special Christmas gift.
  • Andi’s Christmas Blizzard (1877) Andi is old enough to join her brothers on the annual tree cutting adventure. Snow is great fun, until something goes wrong.
  • Andi’s Interrupted Christmas (1878) Andi is chosen to portray Mary in the Christmas pageant. Then something happens to interrupt Christmas.
  • Andi’s Christmas Ball (1879) Instead of riding Taffy, Andi finds herself as a last-minute dancing partner for the governor’s eleven-year-old son. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Andi’s Icy Christmas (1880) A special Christmas at a remote hunting lodge in the eastern Sierra brings joy and sorrow. Can Andi endure the hardships?
  • Andi’s New Year’s Gala (1882) During a family visit to Aunt Rebecca’s, Andi’s eyes are opened to the strange and sometimes silly customs of a San Francisco New Year’s celebration.