Circle C Milestones MP3 Audio Books 1-6


Keep up with Andi’s new, older adventures. The Circle C Milestones MP3 portable player (4″x1″x3/4″) is easy to use and includes

  • 6 Circle C Milestones books
  • earbuds
  • charging cord and battery
  • lanyard
  • 42 hours listening time
  • free shipping


Thick as Thieves


Stranger in the Glade

Narrator Annette Romano

Annette Romano has been a devoted reader since she was five years old. She grew up in Seattle, Washington, with some of the coolest libraries around. She’s an actress, director, and teacher, and appreciates the power of language and good writing. She’s also a mother and a grandmother, and has read aloud most of her life.

Her favorite non-profit is Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary, a rescue and conservation site for wild horses and burros. To learn more and advocate for our four-footed friends, please visit the Return to Freedom website.

Annette’s love of horses and reading books makes her the perfect narrator for Andi’s older adventures.