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Thanks to Andi fans, who always want “more, more, more,” I’ve created this Fan Fun Extras book collection. Save $4.00 on the set. Also available as single titles for $10 each. To read how these titles differ from other books in the Circle C Adventures series, scroll down.

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Books in the Fan Fun Extras Collection

  1. The expanded Long Ride Home adds 10,000 words to the published version and includes multiple points of view from supporting characters. The overall story plot remains the same. That is why the title remains the same. (182 pp)
  2. Trouble at the Line Shack is my original manuscript, before I included Cory and Jenny for the published Trouble with Treasure version. While Mitch is shot in both books, things go very differently when it’s only Andi and Mitch during the tragedy. (158 pp)
  3. Terrible Secret was an old, unfinished manuscript that was never published. I found it a little similar to Price of Truth in some respects, but such was the outcry from fans (on the blog), who were left off on an unresolved cliffhanger halfway through the manuscript, that I decided to finish the story. It is set one month after Price of Truth. (165 pp)
  4. Circle C Christmas Collection. Six short stories from different Christmases with Andi Carter. (174 pp)

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Expanded Long Ride Home, Trouble at the Line Shack, Terrible Secret, Christmas Collection, Four-book Collection