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Safari Ltd. large horses (sizes vary from 5″ to 7″ depending on breed) and a foal (3.5″). Choose from five different breeds.

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Five different breeds of large horses from the Safari Ltd. Company, along with Safari’s TOOB horses. Sizes are in the descriptions.

Rocky Mountain Stallion– This stallion is a a chocolate-colored horse with flaxen mane and tail. Rocky Mountain horses are sturdy, dependable animals, easy to ride and train. This six-inch model is similar to Andi’s colt, Shasta, in the Circle C Milestones. $6.99  $6.00

Trakehner Stallion– Speed and strength were the goals of the creators of this horse breed. At full gallop, this lithe, strong horse looks beautiful in any setting. Seven inches long.  $7.19  $6.00

Mustang Mare– “Mustang” comes from the Spanish word mesteño, meaning ownerless beast. Mustangs are wild horses that escaped or were abandoned centuries ago by Spanish explorers of the New World. They come in all coat colors and are known for speed and stamina. Five inches long. $6.99  $6.00

Bashkir Curly– This horse carries a special gene that leads to a unique coat of curly hair instead of a flowing mane. They even have curly hair inside their ears! Six inches long. $7.99  $6.00

Arabian Foal– Arabian foals were the result of selective breeding by their Bedouin masters, who were particular about which horses should be allowed to breed and carry on the line. Their distinctive shape is evident even in newborns. Three and a half inches long. $3.99  $3.00

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