Writers Gold Mine


Writers Gold Mine presents the writing process from first idea to holding a book in your hand. The Goldtown Adventures characters are used to model the skills presented in this gold-rush-themed journey through writing. Ages 11 and up.142 pp


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Get ready for a rip-roaring ride through the world of writing and publishing. Writers Gold Mine benefits young authors in all areas of interest and at all skill levels. However, the lessons are primarily designed for boys who love to write fiction stories and want to develop a story ready for publication. If you fall into any of the categories below—from beginner to advanced—Writers Gold Mine is for you! Ages 11 and up.

An optional, free ten-week video course is included with your purchase.

  • Stories swirl around inside your head, but you are not sure how to write them down.
  • You write pages and pages, but your story does not seem to have a purpose.
  • Your stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end, but they lack “sparkle.”
  • You have numerous story ideas but have trouble creating interesting characters.
  • You create interesting characters but have trouble putting them into exciting scenes.
  • You have the gift of creating great characters and exciting plots but would like to dig deeper and make your stories shine even brighter.
  • You want to learn how to self-edit your stories before sharing them with others.
  • You want to get your story ready for publication and publish it as a printed book.
  • You like to be independent and work at your own pace.