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The activities on this page go along with the activities found in the Circle C Adventures Enrichment Guide for all six books. Scroll down until you find the book you are looking for. The page numbers in the guide, where the links to these activities are found, are also included. Buy the guide >>

1- Long Ride Home

Long Ride Home Chapters 1-5

Page 8 – Andi and Taffy. Click on the image to put together this 70-piece digital puzzle of Andi and her best friend, Taffy.

Long Ride Home Chapters 1-5

Page 11 – California Fly Over. This one-minute video shows scenes from California set to the song “California, Here I Come.” Note: California’s state flower is shown twice. What is the state flower?

2- Dangerous Decision

Dangerous Decision Chapters 1-4

Page 32 – “Hurrah for the Fourth of July.” Listen (you can download it) to this 20-minute “behind the scenes” short story that tells the events of when Andi and Cory raced on the Fourth of July, two months before Dangerous Decision opens. (Read by the author.)

Dangerous Decision Chapters 5-8

Page 41 – Life Cycle of a Butterfly. Watch this two-and-a-half minute video of the life cycle of a butterfly.

Dangerous Decision Chapters 9-13

Page 46 – Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Watch this powerful two-and-a-half minute video of the Gettysburg Address being read over a backdrop of Civil War videos.

3- Family Secret

Family Secret Chapters 1-4

Page 59 – Andi and Her New Kinfolk. Click on the image to put together a digital jigsaw puzzle of Andi, Levi, Betsy, and Hannah. Enjoy!

Family Secret Chapters 5-9

Page 67 – Parables of Jesus. Watch this two-minute excerpt from the popular Jesus Film to learn about the parable of the Sower and the Seeds.

Family Secret Chapters 10-14

Page 71 – Stagecoach Travel. Listen to this tune (“Goober Peas”) and sing along with the stagecoach song from the 1800s that made fun of the hard traveling conditions.

4- San Francisco Smugglers

San Francisco Smugglers Chapters 5-9

Page 88 – San Francisco Scenes. These photos highlight the “City by the Bay” in the 1880s, plus Miss Whitaker’s Academy.

San Francisco Smugglers Chapters 5-9

Page 88 – Cat’s Cradle. Learn to play this fun string game that Andi taught Lin Mei (four minutes).

San Francisco Smugglers Chapters 5-9

Page 90 – A Steamboat’s Paddlewheel. Jenny Grant traveled from Tacoma to San Francisco aboard a paddlewheel steamboat. This 20-second video shows a life-size replica of the paddlewheel from the 1800s steamboat Arabia.

San Francisco Smugglers Chapters 10-14

Page 93 – The Hiding Place. This three-minute movie trailer for The Hiding Place is a sneak peek of the story of Corrie ten Boom’s faith during the Holocaust of World War II and is inspiring. Maybe you will want to watch the full movie after seeing the trailer.

San Francisco Smugglers Chapters 10-14

Page 96 – Chinese Writing. In this fun, 3-minute video, you will learn how the Chinese came up with the characters they use in writing and why they look the way they do.

5- Trouble with Treasure

Trouble with Treasure Chapters 1-4

Page 106 – Panning for Gold. This two-and-a-half minute video shows the author’s family panning for gold in Stockton Creek, near Mariposa, California. Did we find gold? Watch and see!

Trouble with Treasure Chapters 1-4

Page 110 – The Real Annie Oakley. Watch the real Annie Oakley sharp shooting in this 39-second video from the Library of Congress archives.

Trouble with Treasure Chapters 9-13

Page 121 – A Lonesome Cougar. Watch these two fun excerpts from a Walt Disney 1967 wildlife film, Charlie the Lonesome Cougar. This is one of author’s (Mrs. M) all-time favorite movies about a cougar cub raised in a logging camp and sawmill in Washington state.

Fun fact: The cougar who played Charlie was the mascot for Washington State University (WSU Cougars). His name was Butch. As a child, Mrs. M (the author) used to watch Butch pace back and forth in his cage on campus.

Trouble with Treasure Chapters 9-13

Page 122 – Mountain Lions (Cougars). Learn more about cougars (mountain lions) by watching this one-and-a half-minute video.

Trouble with Treasure Chapters 14-17

Page 128 – Rattlesnakes. Listen to a rattlesnake’s buzzing rattle.

6- Price of Truth

Price of Truth Chapters 1-5

Page 131 – Spanish Words. Listen to the Spanish words for question #3 pronounced.

Price of Truth Chapters 16-20

Page 151 – Mother’s Music Box. Watch and listen to learn how a music box works. The key winds up a cylinder, which has small pins sticking up. The pins strike a “comb,” producing the sounds.

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