Author Susan K. Marlow

Homeschool mom by day. Novel writer by night.

Susan began writing stories when she was ten years old. As an adult, she homeschooled teenagers and cared for toddlers during the day, and then escaped into the Old West at night by writing her “Andi” stories. She never intended to become a published author.

However, once Susan began sharing her stories, enough people encouraged her to submit to publishers. They wouldn’t let her give up! With the publication in 2005 of her first novel, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home, Susan discovered that it really is more fun to share her stories with others than to keep them to herself.

Susan has written six series (36 books) and has over 180,000 books in print with Kregel Publications. She loves to connect with readers at homeschool conventions and on her Andi Carter’s Blog. She enjoys helping young writers learn to improve their writing with her Writing Workshop. In her spare time she is a freelance editor and also helps homeschool her grandchildren. She and her husband, Roger, live on fourteen acres of ponderosa pine at 3,500 feet in north-central Washington state.

Author Trivia

My sister Alana and I enjoyed summer days on Puget Sound. (Age 7)

I portrayed “Mary” in the high school pageant where my dad taught. (Age 8)

My mom, dad, sisters, grandparents, and me (with the braids). (Age 11)

Suzy’s Stories

Stories Susan wrote as a kid and teen

Marra and her sister are captured by outer-space slave traders and taken to another planet. Marra must keep her promise and bring her little sister safely home.

Read Castaway Island

A boy and his two sisters find an abandoned lifeboat, climb aboard, and go out with the tide. They end up on a deserted island and have adventures before being rescued.

Read A Martian Story

A (very) short story about a little Martian girl who lives on Mars. She’s not quite like other children her age. What could be the reason?

Coming Some Day

Five children end up on a  prototype spaceship headed for a planet circling the star Sirius. They are stranded on the planet. Will they ever find their way home to Earth?

Coming Some Day

Coming Some Day

When a young teen girl finds an “old Book” in a cave, she learns that she and the rest of the population have been left behind and are under the influence of a new world leader.

The Captain & the Cadet

Young Jamie Kirk finds herself temporarily aboard her father’s starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise. Here are her adventures in an alternate universe based on the original Star Trek series.

  1. A Matter of Honor >>
  2. The Jewel of Cortina >>
  3. A Shipload of Trouble >>
  4. Terror on Babel >>

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Jessica Slickers, a homeschooled teen (and now grown up and married), is the cover model for the Circle C Adventures and Circle C Milestones. She and I were honored to have our article “Homeschool Cover Girl” published in Focus on the Family’s Brio magazine’s July 2007 issue. Read Homeschool Cover Girl >>

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