Beginnings Activities

The activities on this page go along with the activities found in the Circle C Beginnings Activity Guide for all six books. Scroll down until you find the book you are looking for. The page numbers in the guide, where the links to these activities are found, are also included. Buy the guide >>

1- Andi’s Pony Trouble

Andi’s Pony Trouble Chapters 7-9

Page 19 – Andi, Riley, and Taffy Puzzle. Click on the image to put together this 49-piece digital puzzle of Andi, Riley, and Taffy.

Andi’s Pony Trouble Chapter 10

Page 20 – Meet the real Taffy. Her full name is Jewel’s Taffy Kandy. Mama Jewels is a paint horse, and her father is Rubicon, a cremello. Taffy was born on March 26, 2023. She has two white stockings, one white sock, and a blaze. Taffy follows her mama everywhere. Andi works with Taffy to lead, to stand still to have her feet checked, and to not be afraid of new things (like a hat). Watch her learn! (2 minutes)

2- Andi’s Indian Summer

Andi’s Indian Summer Chapters 7-9

Page 38 – Acorn Mush. Andi and Riley ate acorn mush when they stayed overnight with the Yokut Indians. Watch this video of a Yokut woman taking acorns, crushing them, rinsing them, and cooking them to make the mush the kids liked so much. Five minutes.

3- Andi’s Fair Surprise

Andi’s Fair Surprise Chapters 1-3

Page 49 – How a Steam Train Works. Watch this two-minute video of a steam engine, from the first piece of coal to a locomotive traveling down the train tracks. After you watch, it might be easier to color the different parts of the steam train’s engine.

4- Andi’s Scary School Days

Andi’s Scary School Days Chapters 1-3

Page 67 – The song, “America,” usually known as “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.” Listen to the words and music.

5- Andi’s Lonely Little Foal

Andi’s Lonely Little Foals Chapters 7-9

Page 101 – Listen to the song “Jesus Loves Me.”

6- Andi’s Circle C Christmas

Andi’s Circle C Christmas Chapters 1-3

Page 107 – Blue Belly Lizard. This one-and-a-half minute video shows a little boy like Cory who set up a lizard home and tamed a wild blue belly lizard. They make good pets!

Andi’s Circle C Christmas Chapters 7-9

Page 114 – An Old-fashioned Buggy. The buggy Aunt Rebecca drives is much fancier, but this 25-second video gives you a little idea of what it might have been like to ride in a buggy.

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