Stepping Stones Activities

The activities on this page go along with the activities found in the Circle C Stepping Stones Activity Guide for all six books. Scroll down until you find the book you are looking for. The page numbers in the guide, where the links to these activities are found, are also included. Buy the guide >>

1- Andi Saddles Up

Andi Saddles Up Chapters 4-6

Page 14 – Best friends Andi and Sadie. Click on the image to put together this 63-piece digital puzzle of Andi, Sadie, and Licorice.

2- Andi Under the Big Top

Andi Under the Big Top Chapters 1-3

Page 30 – A Calliope. What does an old-fashioned, steam-driven calliope sound like? Listen to a calliope right here.

Andi Under the Big Top Chapters 4-6

Page 34 – Wooden Stilts. Watch this six-minute video from This Old House to learn how to make a pair of long-lasting wooden stilts. You will need a parent’s help with this project.

Andi Under the Big Top Chapters 7-9

Page 44 – “The Flying Trapeze.” Listen to this song about the man on the flying trapeze as you answer the questions on page 43.

3- Andi Lassos Trouble

Andi Lassos Trouble Chapters 1-3

Page 55 – An amoeba eats a paramecium. Watch this 46-second video of a one-celled animal (amoeba) in pond water eating another one-celled animal (paramecium). The amoeba flows around the faster protozoa and eventually traps it. Yum!

Andi Lassos Trouble Chapters 10-12

Page 73 – Cowboys Roping Cattle. Watch this one-and-a-half-minute video of cowboys roping cattle.

4- Andi to the Rescue

Andi to the Rescue Chapters 7-9

Page 91 – “Cristo Me Ama” (“Jesus Loves Me” in Spanish.) “Si, Cristo me ama; Si, Cristo me ama; Si, Cristo me ama, la Biblia dice asi.” (Yes, Jesus loves me; Yes, Jesus loves me; Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.)

5- Andi Dreams of Gold

Andi Dreams of Gold Chapters 1-3

Page 103 – Hatching Chicks. Watch this two-minute video of a little black chick hatching. Hatching usually takes from two hours to a full day. This video has been modified to show the hatching in a much faster way.

Andi Dreams of Gold Chapters 4-6

Page 108 – Panning for Gold. Watch Mrs. M’s family pan for gold on Stockton Creek in Mariposa, California. Did we find gold? Watch and see!

6- Andi Far from Home

Andi Far from Home Chapters 1-3

Page 125 – Weave a Basket. This one-and-a-half minute video shows another way to finish the corners of a paper basket. It might be easier to try than the instructions in the activity guide.

Andi Far from Home Chapters 10-12

Page 141 – Streptococcus Under the Microscope. Take a look at real streptococcus bacteria (which cause strep throat and scarlet fever) under the microscope. (38 seconds)

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